Kirchner participation confirmed

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OCTIE welcomes the participation of Kirchner Private Capital Group.

Kirchner Private Capital Group

Over 26 years Kirchner Private Capital Group has become one of North America’s leading boutique groups focused on all aspects of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In their capacity as advisors, partners, principals, and agents they work in conjunction with SMEs and their investors.

They capitalize on the unique operational experience of their professionals, each of whom are selected for their extensive backgrounds running private and public companies. The group seeks to identify and address niches in private capital while operating at a boutique scale. They are constantly innovating to enhance their value proposition and service delivery. They enter into strategic relationships to extend the breadth and depth of their involvement and actively exploit synergies amongst the individuals within their member companies.

Their first-hand knowledge as operators, managers, partners, and investors means they bring a multi dimensional understanding of private capital to every engagement. In any given situation they have an operational perspective on the objectives of each party and can advise/act accordingly. Often this produces a more favorable outcome for all parties. Their range of backgrounds gives them the ability to rapidly cross-fertilize ideas, needs, and opportunities.

With their longstanding work in multiple facets of private capital they have access to a wide network of buyers, sellers, investors, and strategic partners. The majority of their work consists of repeat engagements with institutions, general partners, and limited partners. They have continuing relationships with individual influencers at senior levels of private capital management.

Simply put, they offer one-stop shopping. Their depth gives them the ability to mix/match skills and experience with needs/opportunities as they arise. Their breadth enables seamless execution for evolving circumstances. Their collective experience means they draw their wisdom from real transactions, validated by prior successes.

The team of experts includes:

Butlin, Chris
Cooke, Mike
Fornes, Sandra
Forsyth, Cathy
Gardner, Paul
Haliburton, Don
Holmes, Tabatha
Janick, Dan
Kim, Leo
Kirchner, W.B. “Bud”
Kirchner, Blair
Krueger, Michael
Lavoie, Armand
Lyall, Les
Pate, Howard
Theagene, Wils
Turnquist, Lew
Vachet, Claude


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