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OCTIE welcomes the participation of Notesolution.

Notesolution is a new academic social platform for note sharing and academic collaborations between Canadian university students. It was the first student note-sharing site to launch in Canada. It is currently available the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University, Simon Fraser University, McGill University, University of Waterloo, Queen’s University and University of British Columbia. Currently, the site has over 9,400 registered members and the largest database of university course notes in Canada with 11000+ documents. In essence, the site provides a knowledge exchange portal that allows students to find supplementary material for all of their courses. Much of the material is contributed by upper year students who have taken the course before and received high grades as well as current students who are taking the course.

We’ve all experienced it – times where we’ve missed a class and we can’t get a hold of the notes we need or when we require a more comprehensive explanation of course concepts. That’s where comes in. When you sign up, you gain access to all the additional materials contributed by other students. During exams, there are also helpful study guides contributed by fellow students that are designed to prepare you for specific midterms or finals.

Unlike other similar note-sharing sites, is 100% free and easy to use. In order to download a certain lecture note or study guide into your account, you require credits. Lecture notes cost 20 credits and study guides cost 50 credits. Lecture notes are summaries of what your professors covered in class while study guides are written specifically for midterms and exams. When users first sign up, they receive 100 free credits towards the download of any lecture note or study guide on the site. In order to gain more credits, you can either refer your friends to sign up (25 credits) or upload your own lecture notes and study guides from courses you have taken or are taking. You receive 10 credits for uploading lecture notes and 25 credits for study guides. As an added bonus, you also receive additional credits when others download the notes that you have uploaded.

Aside from downloading valuable notes, any user can also elect to redeem their credits for a number of rewards on the site. The rewards range from gift cards from Starbucks, Bestbuy and the Apple Store to ipod Shuffles. The site makes it a priority to reward all users for contributing their knowledge to future students. Students, especially those in 1st and 2nd year, can expect great things as they now have a portal to connect to and gain from the experience of upper year students.

The Notesolution team includes:
Jackey Li, CIO & co-founder
Jack Tai, CEO & co-founder
Kevin Wu, COO & co-founder
Maggie Peng, VP Marketing & Head Designer
Ovey Yeung, VP Communications
Rishi Shah, Director of Business Development


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