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OCTIE welcomes the participation of ScribbleLive.

ScribbleLive is a groundbreaking content delivery platform that gives the new web generation what they want – news now.

In 2008, the founders of ScribbleLive set out to give every broadband user the chance to write the first draft of history and publish it on the web in real-time. With expertise in web media and a passion for the culture of now, they focused on simplifying the live-publishing process.

Today, ScribbleLive is partnered with Rogers Ventures and has become the preeminent live content management system for media and news organizations. This web start-up has been named “the future of online journalism” by The National Post and has broken new ground in content delivery software. ScribbleLive continues to grow with every client, building real-time strategies for businesses with web revenue objectives.

Without flaws and without delays, ScribbleLive enables real-time journalism and audience engagement. You always have full editorial power and reader retention within your branded web site and everything you do is live. Think of it as “live-to-air” for the web. With the immediacy of Twitter and the professional control of a CMS, you can maximize the impact of your brand and/or your advertisers.

Publish Live or Perish

Simply put, the broadband consumer demands real-time content. If you’re not hitting the web within seconds of a newsbreak, or a major event, then you’re behind the competition. ScribbleLive works alongside your existing CMS to enable real-time journalism and audience engagement quickly and easily.

Put Your Money Where Your Brand is

ScribbleLive can be completely tailored to your specific business needs. It can be powerful enough to handle thousands of viewers, have the look and feel of your brand, engage web and mobile users worldwide and best of all, keep everything happening on your own web property.

Monetize Your Real-Time Content

With every real-time post, you’re driving valuable traffic back to your own site. ScribbleLive has been proven to generate revenue through not only traditional online ad models, but also through event sponsorship sales. By continually engaging your audience and inviting them back for more live content, your revenue potential is limitless.

Proof is in the Live Publishing

ScribbleLive has been tried and tested by benchmark organizations like Reuters and Hearst Television and has been the lightning rod for such events as the iPad Launch and the Red Bull Air Races. National media companies like The Score and CityTV have used ScribbleLive to successfully engage their audiences in real-time.

The ScribbleLive team includes:
Michael De Monte, CEO
Jonathan Keebler, CTO


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