Rogers Ventures participation confirmed

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OCTIE welcomes the participation of Rogers Ventures.

We could give you the standard boilerplate of how Rogers Ventures is a venture-style funding mechanism for startups and how it all came to be. The truth is for over 50 years Rogers Communication Inc. has always been passionate about technology and innovation.

Their founder, Ted Rogers, built the company on this very passion and belief. To this day it remains paramount. They are committed to investing in community-level initiatives that accelerate innovation. Just as important they invest in the thinker as much as the idea.

They believe that the startup community is on the cusp of something great, but needs the proper ecosystem where entrepreneurs can grow and succeed. Firstly, this ecosystem that will entice people to further explore their ideas and become entrepreneurs has to be developed. Rogers Ventures recognizes this and can help in accelerating and sustaining its growth.

They invest their money, their leverage and expertise to accelerate Rogers Ventures portfolio companies to success.

Their Headquarters, VentureBase, is their base of operation for spearheading technology startups to great success. A job they don’t take lightly requires a HQ that can act as a think tank and a comforting home. At VentureBase, they work with and nurture startups, and put their heads and energy together about how to improve the current innovation funnel.

VentureBase is an environment that fosters collaborative energy between Rogers Ventures and their portfolio companies and since they are growing as fast as their startups, it is the perfect environment for both to call home.

The team includes:

Melinda Rogers, Senior Vice-President of Strategy and Development – Rogers Communications
Mike Lee, Vice-President – Venture Investments
Jason Zan, Senior Director
Sean Evans, Director of Operations
Nyla Ahmed, Vice-President of Venture Operations & Strategic Partners
Melissa, VentureBase Coordinator


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