CIX 2011: Who’s Who in Ontario Innovation?

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The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) is at the top of everyone’s agenda this week and the OCTIE Team is working closely with organisers to urge all CIX participants to to complete the OCTIE survey (yes! please do it now, it only takes 15 minutes).

Robert Montgomery, the CEO of  Achilles Media commented “As facilitators of innovation communities internationally and domestic, this is the first research approach where I have seen a combination of established social capital measurement and social network analysis that can focus players on the value we deliver at events like the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX).”

CIX is the leading Pan-Canadian technology conference that draws the critical mass of entrepreneurs, investors and corporate brands that is advancing Canada’s innovation economy and showcases the newest and most promising companies in the digital media and information and communication technology (ICT) spaces.

Download Preliminary Report here

The merits of CIX tie are aligned with the goals and purpose of the OCTIE study, to support the cultivation of relationships that lead to successful startups.

In the final report, we expect to release a series of recommendations which can be acted upon at the individual, organisational and government policy level that works towards building a social community that can utilize its resources to its full potential. The final report will be sent to all the survey respondents.

The CIX conference has a large presence of business development representatives from major corporations in the national, North American and global innovation spaces. It is a great focal point for entrepreneurs, investors, experts and other players in the technology sector in Canada and the U.S. to meet face to face with companies such as Facebook, Rogers, Bell, Microsoft, and Google – who have the audience, capital, distribution channels and brand power to help cultivate junior tech companies.

I look forward to meeting some great innovators at the CIX on Thursday. Feel free to approach me at the event! You can also reach me at 6472949220 or email me at salnaib at ryerson dot ca.


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