Preliminary Findings

We are releasing the following preliminary findings to demonstrate that this study can help address our collective concern regarding innovation by delivering new insights.

If you are or have been involved in an Ontario based start-up over the last five years, you can contribute to this study by filling out this survey or contacting octiestudy at gmail dot com.

Preliminary findings from the pilot phase of the OCTIE study are encouraging. Over 400 individuals have been identified as having participated in the building of about 50 technology start-up companies since 2006. With a much larger, diverse and international sample of respondents, the OCTIE study may be able to be more conclusive about preliminary findings such as:

  • Bigger social networks = better funded companies.
  • About half of investors connected to funded Ontario start-ups come from San Francisco, Boston or New York.
  • Are there bottlenecks in OCTIE that stifle start-up funding?
  • Investors pick off new kids on the block, not known entrepreneurs. What does this say about how we treat experience & corporate failures? How can experienced entrepreneurs expect to overcome this?
  • The majority of individuals within OCTIE are clustered together, with redundant access to resources.
  • OCTIE prelimimary findings may be biased due to the pilot data set. Your help is needed to expand and diversify the sample.

If you would like your company or organisation to join the growing list of over 50 participating stakeholders in OCTIE, please send an email to octiestudy at gmail dot com.

Click on the report to receive your free copy:

This study, that is designed to address our collective concerns about low open innovation and collaboration in Ontario, needs you to embrace open innovation and collaboration to deliver valuable insights to the community. The final results will be shared with the community along with recommendations that can be acted upon by individuals or companies and supporting organisations, and may help inform policy and program discussions at accelerator hubs, supporting networks and across governments.


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